Filing has always made sense to Type A personalities.  We are very structured and have a routine. We thrive on routine, and our children do, too.  When it’s time for us to sit down and begin record keeping for our homeschool, We usually have a coffee in hand and an overall quiet environment. Our planner awaits, ready to receive instructions for all the things we look forward to in the next month. We take joy in planning.

Why Our Relationship With Paper is in Shreds

However, there have been times when our younger children entered the office and scribbled on our older children’s school work. On occasion, we have had a few permanent marker situations arise with my paper planner. Additionally, my paper planner has been the unfortunate recipient of all things flu or sticky kid fingers. Coffee stains happen minimally, but evidence lingered despite dabbing and attempting to use a magical white eraser. Magical white erasers aren’t so magical on paper, by the way. Then there were the times when my papers found themselves all over the floor and out of sorts. I began a search in earnest for a cure to the difficulties of paper record keeping.

Meeting Digital Planners & Portfolios, A Users Perspective.

I had shared with my homeschool friends my desire to find a better way to keep things nice and tidy. My paper planner world changed the day my good friend introduced me to the world of digital planners.  Like me, she kept excellent records. The difference was that she had been using a digital planner long before my willingness to give up the traditional method of paper record keeping. In any event, she constantly took pictures and notes about their field trips and such. It was admirable. And it looked fun.

The moment she had me try her digital planner was the moment I knew that I could never go back to my paper planner. This digital planner, it changed everything for me. So much stress lifted off of my shoulders. I felt like I could begin anew and enjoy planning again. Gone are the moments of frustration with paper mishaps. In addition, I could include my eager learners in our planning.

I Fell In Love With Digital Tools

Here are a few of the many reasons why I am in love with the tools in my digital portfolio:

  • Open-ended learning. It may seem silly, but open-ended learning is easily captured moment-by-moment. This is the case whether I’m home or out and about with my crew.
  • Single-click reports. While I’m busy chasing around toddlers, it’s so convenient for me to build my older kids’ portfolios with a single click. You have no idea how simple it is.
  • Create. It’s amazing to me how easy it is to create tasks, projects, and goals for our homeschool in my digital planner.
  • Reports. My digital portfolios are ready for submission with one click. Seriously. In one click I can submit compliance, admission, or reporting needs.
  • Grading. Get this. I can grade in my digital planner. I can also allow a homeschool co-op or homeschool electives teacher access to do the grading for their classes. It’s such a time saver and so incredibly convenient.
  • Transcripts and resumes. Last, but not least, my digital planner allows me to create transcripts and resumes directly from it. The grades are pulled directly into the documents that scholarship programs, colleges, and employers want to see.

Farewell Paper Planner

I still think that paper has its place, and I’ll still order hardbound or paperback books for our homeschool. We’re not quite ready to go all digital in that respect. But when it comes to my planner, a digital planner or portfolio has won this organized mama’s heart.

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