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Go digital with your portfolio

With Learnly you can capture learning from any source, at any-time in a sortable portfolio that can be easily graded and turned into a transcript or digital report.

Capture learning on the go, like on a field trip, or museum visit, using our mobile app, pushed straight to your portfolio to be graded and reported with a single click

Capture any online learning like Khan Academy using our chrome button

Capture any PDF, Google Doc, Word, Excel, Video, Voice, or text file taken from your existing curriculum or paper binders and lessons

You can even create classes, action plans, curriculum, and content for your students to follow, all digitally


No more filing cabinets!

Build a portfolio of learning that lives and grows with you and your student’s over time that can be viewed and shared with a single click.

For younger students, parents can upload learning into the portfolio on behalf of their kids. For more independent learners, kids can take control of their own portfolios with parent supervision.

And while students build and track their learning, parents can add comments, provide feedback, and upload resources. Parents also use their portfolios to track, archive and report on their own hobbies, professional development, or homeschool resources.

Using our “Feed” functionality, you can see, comment, and grade student work as it is uploaded into their portfolio. It’s like an instagram of all of your family’s learning in one place.

In the future, we will be expanding the Feed to allow for parents to opt in and be able to view the learning feeds of other homeschool parents, subject matter experts, content providers, museums, colleges and educational resources.


A learning management system just for your family

Convert and upload all of your paper and disparate learning resources into digital classes that your students can follow and retain through the years.  Upload or create syllabi, upload supporting documentation and have individual class forums for trackable Q&A around coursework and course content.

In the future, we will also provide pre-made curriculum, rubrics and contents in our marketplace. And if you have a homemade curriculum or are an expert in a potential subject matter, we will allow parents to create classes that they can then sell digitally to other homeschool parents.


Automatically generate a gradebook and transcripts directly from your growing portfolio

Comment, give feedback and grade your student’s work directly in the portfolio as it is uploaded. Then, create professional looking and standardized transcripts directly from your portfolio with a single click.

Our sharing functionality also allows you to send the portfolio to be graded by 3rd party teacher certifier’s or 3rd party grading service directly from the portfolio.

No more inputting all of your work to create a gradebook or transcript. It is all automated straight from your portfolio!

In the future, pick from our growing list of 3rd party grading partners and certifiers who are already part of the Learnly community!


Track & Report on Your Child’s Learning With a Single Click

With Learnly you can now capture, document and track your child’s learning for the year in a digital portfolio that allows you to create one-click reports of the years’ activities.

Whether for an admissions binder, for a state compliance portfolio, to submit for teacher certification or just to create a homeschooling resume for an internship, with our advanced reports your child’s portfolio is just one click away (ok maybe two). No more filing cabinets!

In the future, we are working with national homeschool organizations, state compliance offices and colleges and employers to allow for direct reporting between Learnly and those organizations.


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